“I Vanghetti del Liga”

The Company name derives from its handicraftsman: Mr Liga himself!

Nowadays I Vanghetti del Liga is the first company all over the world to be specialized in truffles spades production and it’s the first brand to be patent.

Giorgio Liga’s career as truffle man begins years ago walking in the woods.

He realizes all the limits the spades have to dig or to pick up truffles and to cut brambles and roots, too: blades are not so safe! In the following situations blades should keep a high level of reliability but this didn’t happen.

He decides to improve this item for better use, checking all the elements produced by worldwide steelworks, studying characteristics, qualities and limits.

Geometry of steel, Ergonomics and the use of high quality elements are necessary to produce an unbreakable handle: grip always has to be guaranteed!

Analysis of the steel, Thermal test in a controlled atmosphere, Hardness and Metallography tests are the right proceedings to manufacture good spades: afterward Giorgio testes them on field, spaces and heterogeneous materials.

Nothing is by chance: his spades have to satisfy himself as truffle man first to give vent to his passion and then as a business man.

Giorgio’s first aim is to create a spade leader in the market and afterwards to use it as a research and a new strategy tool.

His key words are Pursuit of Perfection and Dynamism – necessary to reach new heights and goals.