“I Vanghetti del Liga” Giorgio Liga is born in Sicily in 1983 but Veneto adopted him. First of 4 sons, he inherits his passion for fishing, hunting and dogs from his father and his creativity from his grandfather as an expert handicraftsman. When he’s 20 years, he leaves his lovely island to go to Vicenza, looking for a more prosperous future: he works first as employee for an elevator service company and afterwards in the alimentary sector.He keeps his interests and hobbies for nature alive and he makes his main activity. In Vicenza he discovers his love for truffles. This passion will bring him to craft high quality, customized and unique for guarantee spades: they’re real job and furnishing tools! His items are popular all over the world in Suisse, England, Germany, France, Croatia, Norway, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Canada, Puerto Rico, USA and Emirates. Nowadays Giorgio Liga is one of the most popular and competent truffle spade handicraftsman and I Vanghetti del Liga is leader in the market for truffle equipment production. I Vanghetti del Liga are exhibited during “Napa Festival” 2014 in California and “Oregon Truffle Festival” 2014 in Oregon, too. They are exposed during Fancy Food 2014 – the most important food and wine fair in the USA; during Sial Innovation Awards 2014 in Paris at food pavilion by Urbani Tartufi Company, who defined their truffles and spades one of the wonders of Made in Italy. A Liga’s spade was given as present to the Minister of Agriculture Maurizio Martina during the Truffle Gala 2014 organized by Urbani Tartufi Company at Crystal Palace New York – ONU headquartes by Ms Olga Urbani herself. Dexterity, Precision and Commitment are Giorgio’s main handicraft spades manufacturing characteristics – very ancient charm items with an unique and decorative design. Handicraft production doesn’t belong to everyone but Mr Liga’s analysis, attention for details and meticulousness allowed him to become leader in the market: his items are decorative and personalized but above all useful and safe in picking up truffles. Liga’s spades are balanced and easy to handle; blades are produced with austenitic stainless steel and handles with high quality woods as beech and walnut woods sometimes with very expensive teak wood, too. Every single spade is unique and customized to satisfy his customer’s demand. Blades tip can be forged for a better use and polished with special lacquers; handles can be engraved and decorated with logos, drawings, names and phrases. Dimension can change too: big, medium, small size and lockable spade. Actually they’re very popular in truffle market used by truffle men, farmers and associations. Truffle is “ the Diamond of the kitchen” – J.A. Brillant – Savarin.

Giorgio in action!